History: According to Los Angeles surveyor Jim Wallace a long time owner of this boat was Ashton Castle. He was the manager of the Jonathan Club in Los Angeles, drove an Aston Martin DB5, berthed the boat at the Los Angeles Yacht Club, and apparently never let a woman set foot on the boat. Her most immediately previous owner was Steven Tyler. In need of serious repair or demolition and in the face of a variety of circumstances which prevented him from undertaking the effort and cost Steven conveyed the boat to Rick O'connell (owner of K-38 MIST) and me to either save her or part her out. We discovered that underneath her deterioration there was the making of a salvagable K-38. The story of her renovation is found in the Boatyard section of this website. As of 3/20/04 we have invested approximately $20K in this renovation and expect to splash her by April 1, 2005.

The Odyssey of DYAD II

DYAD II Next Steps

The Renovation of DYAD II Part 3


Steve Barber in the galley of K-38
DYAD II with Neil Atwood at the helm